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SAI Rising Star Champions

This quartet competition, also known as the Young Women in Harmony (YWIH) competition, is open to women under 25 years old.

Initially run as part of Sweet Adelines International annual “International Education Symposium”, from 2009 the competition was held as part of the international convention week. However, in 2013 it was decided to return to operating the competition separately due to the expense and scheduling difficulty of fitting in with the other convention events. The event was not run that year and from 2014 is held in conjunction with a regional competition.

2016 The Ladies
2015 C’est La Vie
2014 ClassRing
2013 No Contest Held
2012 GQ
2011 The Fource
2010 Royal Blush
2009 Vogue
2008 Whole Lotta Harmony
2007 Luminous
2006 Footnotes
2005 Underage
2004 Tone Appetit
2003 BarbieShop
2002 Voice Activated
2001 Backchat
2000 Sandstone
1999 The Dazzling Diamonds


The Ladies:

C’est La Vie:


Royal Blush:



The Fource: