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SAI Quartet Champions List

Year City Quartet Champions
1947 Tulsa, Oklahoma The Decaturettes 
1948 Topeka, Kansas The Johnson Sisters
1949 St. Louis, Missouri The Tune Twisters
1950 Chicago, Illinois The Harmony Belles
1951 Santa Monica, California The Quarternotes
1952 St. Petersburg, Florida The Pitch Pipers
1953 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Big Four
1954 Buffalo, New York The Mississippi Misses
1955 Grand Rapids, Michigan The Nota-Belles
1956 Wichita, Kansas The Junior Misses
1957 Miami Beach, Florida The Cracker Jills
1958 Peoria, Illinois The Sweet And Lows
1959 Tucson, Arizona The Yankee Misses
1960 Detroit, Michigan The Gibson Girls
1961 Colorado Springs, Colorado The Lyrics
1962 Toronto, Ontario, Canada The Sea-Adelines
1963 Berkeley, California The Heathertones
1964 Minneapolis, Minnesota The Note-Cracker Sweets
1965 Denver, Colorado The Shalimars
1966 Houston, Texas The Piper-Ettes
1967 New York, New York The Hurricane Honeys
1968 Oklahoma City, Oklahoma The Galatones
1969 Honolulu, Hawaii The Metropolitans
1970 Boston, Massachusetts The Rarities
1971 Kansas City, Missouri The Bron’s Tones
1972 Salt Lake City, Utah The 4th Edition
1973 Washington, D.C. The Tiffanys
1974 Milwaukee, Wisconsin The Sounds Of Music
1975 Seattle, Washington The Front Office Four
1976 Cincinnati, Ohio High Society
1977 London, England The Shondells
1978 Los Angeles, California The Tetrachords
1979 St. Louis, Missouri The Hallmarks
1980 Atlanta, Georgia The Penna-Fores
1981 Phoenix, Arizona All-Star Jubilee
1982 Minneapolis, Minnesota Music Gallery
1983 Detroit, Michigan Melo-Edge
1984 Las Vegas, Nevada 4 For The Show
1985 Kansas City, Missouri Jubilation
1986 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Ambiance
1987 Honolulu, Hawaii Ginger ‘N’ Jazz
1988 Houston, Texas Savvy
1989 Miami Beach, Florida Growing Girls
1990 Salt Lake City, Utah Panache
1991 San Antonio, Texas Swing Street
1992 Baltimore, Maryland City Lights
1993* Indianapolis, Indiana Showtime
1994 Reno, Nevada Chicago Fire
1995 New Orleans, Louisiana Weekend Edition
1996 Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 4-Star Collection
1997 Salt Lake City, Utah Classic Edition
1998 Nashville, Tennessee Rumors
1999 Atlanta, Georgia Signature Sound
2000 Orlando, Florida A Cappella Gold
2001 Portland, Oregon Fanatix
2002 Nashville, Tennessee Swinglish Mix
2003 Phoenix, Arizona Brava!
2004 Indianapolis, Indiana the BUZZ
2005 Detroit, Michigan Spotlight
2006 Las Vegas, Nevada SALT
2007 Calgary, Aberta, Canada Four Bettys
2008 Honolulu, Hawaii Moxie Ladies
2009 Nashville, Tennessee Zing!
2010 Seattle, Washington Maxx Factor
2011 Houston, Texas Martini
2012 Denver, Colorado Touche
2013 Honolulu, Hawaii LoveNotes
2014 Baltimore, Maryland Bling!
2015 Las Vegas, Nevada Speed of Sound
2016 Las Vegas, Nevada Frenzy
2017 Las Vegas, Nevada Lustre


*From 1993 onward the Queen’s official year designation was changed to reflect the year following their win rather than the year in which the competition was held. Therefore, the quartet that won the competition held in 1993, Showtime, was officially designated as the 1994 Quartet Champion. This list,however, reflects the year in which they won the international contest.