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ROXY Quartet Announces Retirement

Two-time Region 3 champions, ROXY, have announced that they will retire at year’s end. This quartet won their region in 2011 and again in 2014 with scores of 654 and 638 respectively. The leave the organization tied for the 6th and the 14th highest regional quartet scores of all time. At International, they placed in the top-15 three times, reaching as high as 11th in 2011. They placed 27th in Las Vegas this year.

From Facebook:

“Dear friends, ROXY has decided to retire at the end of this year. We have had an amazing six years together, singing on chorus shows throughout Region 3 and at public events such as the 32nd Annual American Music Festival at Fitzgerald’s; the Christmas Celebration at the Fortnightly Club of Chicago will, in fact, be our final performance together.

We’ve also performed at four ROXY Raising The Roof fundraisers, at numerous Region 3 regional weekends and competitions, and, of course, at four International Competitions! We have coached with the best teachers: Jean Barford, Jim Arns, Renee Porzel, Darlene Rogers, and Lynda Keever. We were delighted to collaborate with two awesome arrangers who listened to our ideas and produced cool new charts specifically for ROXY; one is a legend in the Sweet Adelines world, Nancy Bergman, and the other a local arranger new to the barbershop world, Jeremy Landig. Their music added to the overall personality of the quartet, and besides that, was a blast to sing!

Our friends, Donna Hufeld and Lori Kerschbaum, made our clothes fit, and Lori and her husband Bill (Tori’s parents) opened their home to our out-of-state coaches, offering their guests a warm and generous hospitality. The Melodeers, the Midwest Crossroad and the Choral-Aires Choruses staunchly rallied behind us, providing emotional, financial and vocal support at Regionals and Internationals! Our non-barbershop friends came to our shows and followed our exploits on Facebook!

And then there are our families. The Ahlgrims, the Hicks, the Newells and the Vaughns: we could not have had the successful run that we have enjoyed without them. At one time or another, all of us had family members in the audience, even Darcy, whose folks left their home in New Mexico to fly to Regional and International performances and ROXY Raising The Roof!

One family member in particular made a huge difference in the lifespan of ROXY, and that was Jenelle Hicks. We are so grateful to Jenelle for becoming the fifth member of our quartet! She stepped into Darcy’s shoes and performed beautifully on stage in Las Vegas, her very first appearance on the International Competition stage! Gorgeous, talented and smart, Jenelle gave ROXY one last international performance, and she did it with style and grace. What a champ!

Our teachers, choruses, friends and beloved family members gave us the wherewithal to go onto a stage with confidence, joy and excitement. ROXY loved being together; our rehearsals were perfect balances of pure silliness and meticulous grunt work that let us be quite comfortable on stage. We will be friends forever, and ROXY will be one of our favorite topics of nostalgic conversation. We thank you all for loving our songs, and we love you all right back.”

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