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Regional Chorus Winners & Wild Cards As Of Today – 4/22/13

Here are the updated regional winners and second place choruses! Remember, only the top five second place choruses will earn a wild card. Unlike quartet competition, third place choruses cannot win a WC spot.

First Place Choruses Score
Rich-Tone 748
Melodeers 748
Harborlites 710
Pride of Kentucky 692
Skyline 683
Metro Nashville 664
The Woodlands Show 663
Buffalo Gateway 660
Spirit of the Gulf 655
Liberty Oak 640
Mission Valley Chorus 620
Westcoast Harmony 616
Upper Chesapeake 616
St. Louis Harmony 608
Greater Richmond 604
Wichita 604
Celebrity City 595
2nd Place Choruses Score
O.K. City 664
Capital City 648
Song of Atlanta 645
Harmony Celebration 627
Alamo Metro 615
Greater Harrisburg 614
Spirit of Syracuse 613
City of Gardens 612
Sacramento Valley 610
Tucson Desert Harmony 608
Jacksonville Harmony 608
Grand Rapids 606
Greenville in Harmony 601
Santa Monica 586
Wamego Dutch Mill 584
City Voices 580
High Country 522



  1. You’re missing Region 15 winners, Liberty Oak Chorus, with a 640. They’re my sweet friends & I’m looking forward to spending some quality time with them in Baltimore!

  2. Might you list the rankings for Div A and AA choruses with regard to Harmony Classic?

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