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Queenly Advice – Part 7

I asked 100 women – all Queens of Harmony and/or current int’l top-ten quartet members – to participate in a survey designed to offer advice to quartets still climbing the regional rankings ladder. The questions address song choice, time management, and coaching strategies as well as interpersonal relationships among quartet members and advice on how to deal with disappointment.

Here are some of their responses.

Today’s Question is:


Q. How important of a life goal is/was winning a crown for you? 


A. I wanted to sing like those people, but I really wasn’t after the crown per se.

A. For the longest time, competing in a quartet on the International stage was my goal. After that happened, a new goal seemed appropriate.  After you’ve been on the International stage, winning a crown seems like it really could happen.

A. Pretty Important life goal!

A. Important, but not devastating if it doesn’t happen.

A. It wasn’t so much about the crown itself, but the achievement was THE singular most important goal ever in my life.

A. I made it more important than it should have been but I guess that is why it happened.

A. When I won my crown, it was all so new, it had never been a goal of mine. However, now I’d LOVE to win another one, just because I feel like now I’ve worked for many years and would like to “prove” it to myself all over again!

A. It has been a dream since I was a kid. I don’t think that I would ever quite feel complete if I never reach this goal. As a mother, I also feel like it’s important to set this example for my children. Follow your dreams until they come true. Never let yourself give yourself the opportunity to wonder what could have happened.

A. It’s something I’ve dreamed of since I was a little girl.

A. It was the most important thing (right after my family) from the time I first saw a crown until I had my very own sitting on my head!

A. I would not consider it a life goal…..but a personal goal….. and really not being a barbershop brat or even knowing about barbershop until my late 20’s, it was not that important until I started singing. But then it became a wonderful journey, not so much a goal.

A. It was definitely a dream come true, and something I always hoped for. My husband would say my gold medal is the most expensive jewelry I have because we did invest quite a bit of money and time into it! I won’t say it was the most important or ultimate goal because there are much more important things in life, but I feel blessed to have had a supportive husband and employer who allowed me to focus on it as much as I could.

A. It’s the highest personal goal in my life.

A. Once I realized it was a possibility – very important.

A. Really wanted to reach our ultimate goal but truly, the audience reaction of our performance was the ultimate win!

A. It really is about the journey, not the destination. I love honing this craft and connecting with other women doing the same along the way.

A. This will sound cliche but it’s not about the win, it really is all about the journey! It’s about letting go, entertaining, and always achieving your personal best. Once you start gunning for the win, or making it a priority, you lose sight of all the unbelievable experiences you’re having and it doesn’t become fun. I’ve learned that the hard way. Now don’t get me wrong – winning would be awesome but it will only happen when all the stars are aligned and the time is right.

A. When I was a regional level quartet singer, a crown was a very distant object, and one that I never really thought much about. My personal goal for so long was just to win the Regional competition. Once we did that after many tries, I suddenly had to re-set some goals! But still the crown was not primary. Not until we got into the top 10 did I ever really consider that winning the crown was really even a possibility. Now I do have a goal to win the International Quartet Championship. All of my SAI-related goals have been established on the concept of “how far can I take this?” Can I win the region? Can I get in the Top 15? Can I get in the Top 10? The Top 5? So now, the crown is the inevitable “next goal” in my series of “how far can I go?” questions.

A. Not important at all, but I wanted to be number one and have a gold medal.

A. Winning was a nice affirmation of hard work and skill, but I wouldn’t say it was an important goal. Probably wasn’t even in the top 5 on my list.

A. Very important! I began barbershopping in high school and truly became inspired after attending my first International convention\competition! It was a goal I wanted to achieve before hitting 50…..and I definitely did!

A. One of my main goals in my singing life and a relatively high priority in my “real life”

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