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Queenly Advice – Part 2

I asked 100 women – all Queens of Harmony and/or current int’l top-ten quartet members – to participate in a survey designed to offer advice to quartets still climbing the regional rankings ladder. The questions address song choice, time management, and coaching strategies as well as interpersonal relationships among quartet members and advice on how to deal with disappointment.

Here are some of their responses.

Today’s Question is:


Q. What was the main reason you chose to sing with the three other women? Talent? Personality? Style? Something else?

A. All of the above! Talent, guts, tenacity, compassion, and a drive for constantly improving are the main reasons I would choose to spend time with anyone…especially someone to sing with!

A. The singing is great.

A. Talent and personality. This quartet has been a steadily evolving unit and we now feel we have the right combination to compete at the highest level. We not only get along really well but we sing well too 🙂

A. Talent was the initial reason for most members but that’s only because I didn’t know them. Personality is what has held us together.

A. The choice to sing together came from the fact that we were all in the same chorus in the beginning. Ability to blend well was the first decision, and then commitment. We weren’t going to stop until we won!!

A. This was the total package after all other combos. everything was lined up perfectly in our personal lives and we were all on the same page.

A. I chose to sing with these women because I have always admired them as people and singers. When the opportunity arose that they needed a new member, I jumped on it!

A. Talent

A. Family relationship, talent, fun — and we all sang in the same chorus at one point.

A. Back when I started singing barbershop it was to get out of the house at night. My first quartet went on to win the International championship 5 years later. I really did not know much about their style…..we created our own. Talent… it grew as we grew, personality……love them all. We grew up together as a quartet.

A. I joined an existing quartet that was replacing a member, so I was incredibly honored when they chose me to fill that void initially because they were all wonderful musicians, but I stuck with it not only for that but because we had common goals and worked well together.

A. All of the above. Plus potential, experience, friendship, human spirit.

A. Talent, personality, mutual respect.

A. I chose to sing with these 3 women due to their musical talents, work ethic and I liked them as individuals.

A. Main reason…good friends, good voices, same level when we started, same strong sense of where we wanted to be each year.

A. We were all friends in the same chorus. I was looking to sing with good singers and have fun with my friends.

A. We started singing for fun, but found we were all motivated to compete and improve, and that was a long long time ago. It’s the journey.

A. Mostly talent, followed by personality. I couldn’t sing with people I don’t like, but I also need to be singing with people better than me so I continue to be challenged.

A. Talent, experience, style, good people!

A. For me, personality and talent are tied for first place. My friend and I had similar levels of singing talent/expertise, and we got along REALLY well. So we decided to form a quartet. We pulled in another member pretty immediately first based on what we knew about her personality but of course also considering her talent. Then we found our fourth member, again, based on personality and talent. When one member was replaced, again we went with talent and personality as equal factors. I can’t imagine singing with people who aren’t my friends, and if our personalities didn’t mix well, it would be hellish to try to work together. So I’m incredibly lucky to have friends who are so talented!!!!

A. Talent, personality, and style together with kindness and a strong image.

A. We sounded amazing together! And we had a similar level of commitment and work ethic.

A. Personality and talent.

A. Amazing talent and incredible people! I can honestly say they were (and still are) my best friends. The love we have for each other will never change. The memories we have made together will last a lifetime! They really are amazing women.

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