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Queen Of Harmony Joan Boutilier Named Tenor Of Spritzer Quartet

Big news on the quartet front –

“Dear Friends, Family and Fans!, 
We have some very exciting news to share regarding our tenor search! We are thrilled to welcome Joan Boutilier to Spritzer! Joan is a Master Director with River City Sound Chorus, an International Board Member, a Sound Judge and 2008 Queen of Harmony with Four Bettys Quartet. After a wonderful weekend of laughter and ringing chords there’s no denying that she will be a wonderful addition to the quartet. Thank you again for your continued love and encouragement. We want to send a special shout-out to the Four Bettys for being amazingly supportive as Joan embarks on a new quartet journey. We can’t wait to sing for all of you!” –   Spritzer

Spritzer has finished in the top-ten at International in five of the last seven years placing as high as 5th in 2009. Most recently, they placed 11th in Las Vegas I.

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