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High Society

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1976 Quartet Champions

San Diego, California

Bette Roberts Gorton (Tenor), Kim Hulbert (Bone, Christman, Vaughn) (Lead), Sandy Shelver (Baritone), Pat Morse Vozza (Bass)

The four original members of High Society were also members of the 1975 International Champion San Diego Chorus. They began singing together at a coffee shop after a chorus function. Several hours later they agreed they had something special and that all four wanted to be quartet champions.

Bette was choreographer for the San Diego Chorus and, after winning the quartet championship, began directing the Escondido Chorus. Kim was a relative newcomer to Sweet Adelines. She had met Pat in a carpool, where they sang with the radio. Pat was unable to convince Kim to join Sweet Adelines but Kim’s mother finally persuaded her. Sandy served as the costume chair for San Diego Chorus. Pat served as assistant director for San Diego as well as director for Singing Hills Chorus. She was a choreographer coach and designed the quartet costumes and hairdos.

High Society is still a semiactive quartet but there have been many personnel changes along the way. Suzy McGehee Lobaugh sang tenor with the quartet at their outgoing champion appearance in 1977. Connie Noble became the full-time tenor shortly thereafter and is the tenor voice most associated with the quartet. They retired the first time in 1984 but in 1990 reorganized with Sandy Noble as bass. In 1992 they reorganized once again with Connie as tenor and original members Kim, Sandy Shelver and Pat.

Sandy Shelver also won a crown with Fanatix.

Kim also won crowns with Savvy and, along with Bette, in a cappella Gold.