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Predictions for Hawaii Top Ten Choruses

Based on numbers alone, here are my predictions on which choruses will make the cut tonight.

Last year I correctly predicted 9 of 10 and my incorrect choice placed 11th. We’ll see if I can match that success this year.


(In no particular order)


The easy picks:

Ronninge Show

Lions Gate


Toast of Tampa

Greater Nassau

Scioto Valley


The tougher picks:


Velvet Hills

Pride of Baltimore

Mountain Jubilee



  1. Surprised you left out Harbor City Music Company who handily defeated Pride of Baltimore in Region 19’s chorus contest in 2012. They’ve only gotten stronger over this 18 months and should be in the top ten! All of Lustre quartet and the lead of a.k.a. sing in this chorus!

  2. Benjamin Edwards

    Well, I ended up getting 7 of 10 this year with one of my incorrects placing 11th. Not too bad, but it just goes to show, stats aren’t everything. Thanks for the comments, ladies!

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