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Nominees for International Chorus Costume of the Year

The award for International Chorus Costume of the Year is given to the chorus whose costume worn in either set of the international contest was most memorable, creative, and/or effective in telling the story of their music selections.











The nominees are:

San Diego Chorus “Bones” costume:


Choral-Aires Chorus “Tropical Pastel” costume:


Vermillion Valley Chorus “Young Frankenstein” costume:


Ronninge Show Chorus “Green New York, New York” costume:


Stockholm City Voices Chorus “Black & White Sailor/Penguin/Not-Quite-Sure-What-It-Was” costume:


  1. The San Diego Chorus’ costume for “Dry Bones” was heads and shoulders more memorable and exciting than the other costumes.

  2. San Diego Chorus Dry Bones was a brilliant performance.

  3. Frankenstein

  4. Karina Bellbrant

    Stockholm City Voices looked most beautiful than the rest!!!

  5. Sandra knight


  6. FRANKENSTEIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 you guys!

  7. Frankenstein Set. Go VVC!!

  8. I loved Vermillion Valley’s costume, originality and singing! I couldn’t figure out how to vote for them.

  9. VVC best costume ever.

  10. rbaldin65@att.com

    I vote for Vermillion Valley

  11. Carin Ländström

    Rönnnge New York New York!

  12. Lisa Schmidgall

    Vermillion Valley Show Chorus gets my vote!

  13. Vermilion Valley fit the theme great and helped sell the story. The characters and villagers were wonderful to see on stage.

  14. The Frankenstein costumes are brilliant. Igor is hilarious!

  15. Ruth Anne Hénault

    SCVC – black and white is very striking.

  16. helena clifford zenk


  17. Vermillion Valley Show Chorus costumes were great!

  18. Frankenstein group from Vermillion Valley

  19. Vermillion Valley Chorus: Young Frankenstein

  20. So pretty on stage

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