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Nominees for 2015 Song of the Year – Barbie Awards


The Song of the Year Award goes to the most memorable, fun, and/or impactful individual song performance during contest by either a chorus or a quartet.

The 2015 Song of the Year nominees are:


1. Next Time I Love – Speed of Sound Quartet



2. If I Would Ever Leave You – Scottsdale Chorus



3. Part of That World – Windsor Quartet



4. Parting Glass – DaleDiva Chorus



5. Pal Of My Cradle Days – Scioto Valley Chorus



6. If I Ruled The World – Toast of Tampa Show Chorus



7. True Colors – Spritzer Quartet



The Barbie Award nominees and winners are chosen exclusively by BarbershopHistory.com readers – thousands of barbershoppers from around the globe.

To vote, use this email address: song@barbershophistory.com

(Email addresses will NOT be saved or used for any purpose. All emails will be deleted once the contest is over.)

Votes will be accepted until midnight, February 11th, CST. Winners will be announced on Saturday, February 13th.

The Barbie Awards are not sanctioned/sponsored by or affiliated with Sweet Adelines International.


  1. Scottsdale Chorus, If Ever I Would Leave You for song of the year

  2. Janet Gratton

    I would like to vote for Parting Glass by DaleDiva chorus

  3. I would like to vote for Scioto Valley.

  4. I vote for Scioto Valley.

  5. I would like to vote for DaleDiva Chorus singing Parting Glass.

  6. I vote for Scioto Valley #5

  7. DaleDiva Chorus singing Parting Glass

  8. I vote for DaleDiva Chorus

  9. Patricia Kapocsi

    I would like to vote for Toast of Tampa If I Ruled the World, Ashley Espinoza for Sweet Adeline of the Year and Windsor, quartet of the year.

  10. I would like to vote for Parting Glass by DaleDiva chorus

  11. I vote for “parting glass” by Dale Diva Chorus

  12. I vote for Scioto Valley Chorus – Pal of My Cradle Days

  13. Love your energy and enthusiasm!

  14. Vote Dale Diva awesome women awesome poignant performance

  15. Pal of my Cradle Days by Scioto Valley Chorus

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