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KrÄm Quartet Retires

Region 32’s KrÄm Quartet has decided to retire. KrÄm consisted of Kristina Bruce (Tenor), Anne Redmo (Lead), Rosie Preuss (Baritone), Anna Malmros (Bass). They formed in late summer 2008 and in 2012, won their Region with a score of 643 points, which tied for 8th highest on the all-time regional quartet score list.

Kräm scored 608 at regionals in 2013 tying Frank Quartet for overall score. Their sound score placed them in second and they took the #3 WC spot. At the international level, they placed 21st in 2012 and 36th in Hawaii in 2013. This spring they scored 583 at the region 32 competition.KrÄm Quartet

From Facebook:

“Dear friends,
As some of you have already heard, Kristina, our tenor, is going abroad in the summer and is gone for at least three years. We have been pondering a bit on how we’re going to do with KrÄm and come to the conclusion that we all are absolutely irreplaceable. 
That is why we have decided to end this era.
We have experienced so much together during these 6 years and it will always remain as fond memories (not to mention all the nice shoes and dresses!).
KrÄm will perform one last gig on the Island in July, but after all it is our story, at least as a registered competing quartet.

We would like to thank all of you who supported, cheered, hugged, loved, coached and touched by us. You are amazing and we have had such crazy fun.”

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