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Frenzy Quartet To Audition For Temporary Replacement Tenor

From Facebook:

Frenzy Quartet

“Due to medical reasons, Kay has made the difficult decision to temporarily step away from the quartet until after Hawaii. We are hopeful that by focusing her attention on her health, she will regain her energy and be ready to re-join the quartet, better than ever! As her quartet-mates, we fully support Kay in her decision to make her health the most important priority, although we will miss her greatly. We are still committed to working hard and to competing in Hawaii. We will be auditioning for a temporary tenor in the New Year. We’ll keep everyone posted.”

This region 13 & 26 quartet placed 4th this year in Denver and 8th in Houston in 2011. They also took home the International Novice Quartet award in Houston.

Frenzy is – Tenor: Kay Macrosson, Lead: Nikki Blackmer, Bari: Anne Marteniuk, Bass: Judy Pozsgay.

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