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Former Region 6 Champs S.A.S.S. Quartet Retires

The 2010 quartet champions of Region 6 have decided to retire after seven years together.

S.A.S.S. quartet consisted of Barb Graham (Tenor), Mauri Deer (Lead), Marni Fox (Baritone), Amanda Clements (Bass).

The group placed in the top four at regional each of their six competing years, winning the in 2010. This spring they placed 3rd in the Region 6 contest.

They competed on the International stage three times, placing 45th in 2010, 25th in 2011, and 37th in Honolulu in 2013. Over the course of their six year career, they averaged a regional score of 592.5.

Here is their farewell from their FB page:

After nearly 7 years of singing together, we’ve come up with a lot of things that S.A.S.S. could stand for, like…
-Sunday Afternoon Sassy Singers (our usual rehearsal day)
-Shut up And Sing, Stella! (An homage to our quartet kitty mascot, plus a reminder to just sing!)
-Sweet Adelines Storm Seattle (our first International appearance)
-Sick And Still Singing (when either our bass or lead were pregnant…)
-Singing And Slightly Sloshed (post-contest celebrations!)

Today, we’re Sad And Sorry Sisters as we announce the retirement of S.A.S.S. We have enjoyed such good friendship, so much laughter and good music over the past seven years; that it’s with sadness that we hang up our pitch pipe. We wish Amanda and her family all the best as they relocate to the East Coast at the end of the summer.

This is a bittersweet goodbye: we will sincerely miss singing together as a quartet family, but we are grateful for the time and experiences we’ve shared. Behind every great quartet is a fantastic support system, and ours was no exception! Our immediate families encouraged us, cheered for us and set us free to do this thing we love. We are grateful to them and humbled by their generous spirits. Our hearts have been touched by the kindness of those in our Twin Cities and Region 6 barbershop communities, and we thank you for supporting us over the years. We have been coached by some of the very best in barbershop, and to all of our coaches, thank you for sharing your gifts and helping us to become stronger singers and performers. We are particularly grateful for the influences of Brent Graham and Sandy Marron, as we have each grown so much under your guidance!

Thank you ALL, for your encouragement and love. Though this is the end of the road for S.A.S.S., we’ve had a heck of a good ride!

With gratitude and in harmony,
Barb, Mauri, Marni and Amanda

Here is S.A.S.S. singing in 2011:

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