What's New?


Who are you?

I am Benjamin Edwards, a Sweet Adeline husband and son-in-law.


Are you a barbershopper?

No, just a history and statistics nerd.


Are you affiliated with Sweet Adelines International?

No, I am not affiliated with nor sponsored by Sweet Adelines International – or anyone else, now that I think of it.


How does your chorus ranking system work?

You can see the details here. You can view the rankings here.


How often are the rankings updated?

After every regional season and after every international contest, so, twice a year.


Why aren’t the Harmony Classic scores considered in the rankings?

My reasoning is that, independent of size, many smaller choruses have scored very well at international. Stockholm City Voices made the top ten in 2010 with only 39 women on stage. Granted, a chorus must win its region or score high enough to earn a wild card spot, but this can be done by a small chorus. Furthermore, while not counting HC scores may seem like a disadvantage to smaller choruses, it would actually be a disadvantage to larger choruses if we were to include HC scores because while smaller choruses could earn points from either Harmony Classic or the regular competition, larger choruses would be limited to only earning points from the regular competition.


How do you handle listing maiden names?

An inherent problem with collecting stats about individual women is that they have often changed names over the years. I have decided to place parentheses around the non-used-but-also-known name. For example, Peggy Barnes (Gram) if we are talking about her time with Ginger N’ Jazz, Peggy Gram (Barnes) when discussing her activity today. The rule also applies to women with multiple last names over the years, i.e. Kim Vaughn (Bone, Christman, Hulbert). If you see an error, please email me and point it out.


What are your resources?

The vast majority of statistics on this website were gathered from the immense collection of Marti Lovejoy’s Yahoo Scores Page. Without her diligence over the years, this site would not be possible. 

Other resources include the Sweet Adelines International 50th anniversary book, the Barbershop Harmony Society website, The Coronet Club website, the Sweet Adelines International website, and countless region, chorus, and quartet websites and Facebook pages. 

A good portion of my current statistics come from readers who post contest results on the BarbershopHistory.com Facebook page and on Twitter. 

A special word of thanks to Ed Lilley of Lilley Photography who was more than gracious to grant me express written permission to utilize his work to greatly improve the aesthetic caliber of and lend a more distinguished overall quality to the website.