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2014 Regional Season Notes – Part One

Here are some interesting stats from this year’s regional contest season:


Canadian Showtime

Canadian Showtime Chorus

Both Toast of Tampa and North Metro earned their highest regional score ever (751) this makes for a three-way tie with the 2010 Melodeers for highest regional chorus score of all time.

Scottsdale Chorus scored 732, earning the 6th highest ever chorus regional score.

Greater Nassau scored 710, easily their highest score ever, making them one of only 14 choruses to break the 700 mark.

Canadian Showtime chorus scored 701 adding 50 points to their previous highest score (from 2011). They are the second Canadian chorus to break the 700 mark.

San Diego registered their first 700+ score as well. This marks the 8th time a region 21 chorus has scored over 700 points. San Diego’s 708 is the highest second-place chorus regional score ever. It breaks the previous second-place record of 695, also held by San Diego.


Regional Records

Full Throttle quartet broke the Region 1 quartet record with a score of 618.

Toast of Tampa Show Chorus broke the region 9 chorus record with their score of 751.

Region 14’s Chorus record was broken by Greenville in Harmony Chorus, earning a score of 653.

Milli Blink

Milli Blink

Greater Nassau broke Region 15’s chorus record with 710 points.

North Metro Chorus broke the chorus record in region 16 with their 751 score.

Region 31 had its chorus record broken by Lace City when they earned a score of 675.

Region 32’s quartet record was broken by the all-star cast of new quartet Milli Blink (654 points).

Both of the records in Region 34 were broken – Endeavour Harmony scored 662 and Hi-Jinx quartet scored 625.


More Notes

Milli Blink tied ROXY’s 2011 score (654) for the 5th highest regional quartet score ever.

ROXY themselves earned a score of 638, tying them for 11th all-time.

SwingLine quartet tied Heatwave (2004) and a.k.a. (2011) on the same list with the 15th highest regional quartet score ever (634).

Region 21 has been won by a 700+ score in 7 of the last 9 years – an impressive statistic to be sure, but the remarkable fact is that the average winning score in those 7 years was 724. Winning region 21 is, in technical terms, crazy hard.

With their record-tying score of 751, North Metro Chorus has now earned six 700+ scores in a row.

Ruth Ann Parker directed Houston Horizon chorus in Region 10’s contest.

Scioto Valley chorus earned their highest score ever (688) while winning Region 4’s contest.

Greenville in Harmony

Greenville in Harmony’s new jewelry

Greenville in Harmony went from placing 9th at regional contest in 2009 to 5th in 2011, 4th in 2012, 2nd in 2013 to 1st in 2014. Over those five years they raised their score 152 points – 30.4 points per year.

The Region 2 contest was interesting – Spirit of Detroit came in second by two points. It’s only the second time they didn’t win over the last 19 years. The chorus that did win, Shoreline Sound has earned 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the region every year going back at least 20 years.


  1. I do believe, that Shoreline Sound has hit the first triplica in Region 2 ever?? Please correct me if I’m wrong, most improved, 1st place mid size and 1st place over all. A very large feat for our chorus and we’ve enjoy every note of it! :o)

  2. Thanks so much for pulling these facts and figures together, Ben! It’s great to have a stats guy so interested in Sweet Adelines statistics and presenting them in such a consistently positive format!!

  3. You go Ben ! Great recap of the past several weeks. Lots of interesting & useful info heading into Baltimore & Vegas.

  4. Benjamin Edwards

    Thanks, Peggy!

    This truly is a labor of love. I enjoy every second I dedicate to this website.

  5. Thanks so much for noticing the hard work we’ve been doing in Greenville in Harmony! We’re pretty excited to be headed to Las Vegas!

  6. Thanks for the correction, Ben. You are a star! Love this page.

  7. Ann McAlexander

    Thanks, Ben, for all the great stats, trivia, surveys, and analyses. Your site is quickly becoming a go-to spot for all of us interested in all things about Sweet Adelines competition. Very enjoyable!

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