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2014 Barbie Awards Results – Sweet Adeline of the Year


The award for Sweet Adeline of the Year is given to the Sweet Adeline who, during the calendar year, has exemplified the ideal qualities of a Sweet Adelines member through their leadership, successes, progress, and dedication to the organization, their chorus, and/or the artform of barbershop music.

And the winner is:


  1. Wow, Ben!!! Your choice is phenomenal, and sent me into tears. My buddy Melanie SO deserves this, and yet she would be self-deprecating about it. Kudos to you for picking a great winner, and lots of congratulatory vibes to the cosmos for Melanie. Beth in Seattle

  2. Laurie O'Brien

    I’m with Beth. I’m sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking of my friend. She lives on in so many ways. Laurie – Olympia, WA.

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