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2013 Barbie Awards – Quartet Costume of the Year Winner

The 2013 Barbie Award goes to…

Barbie Quartet Costume of the Year 2013









Speed of Sound Quartet is:

Debbie Landers (Tenor), Ashley Wright (Lead), Carter Maysilles (Baritone), Peggy Jones (Bass)

Speed of Sound is a long-distance Region 14 quartet with over 60 years of barbershop experience.

Although they’ve been together less than three years, they’ve already achieved major accomplishments in the Sweet Adeline world. In the spring of 2012, they won their very first regional contest, with a record score of 630 points. They followed that up by placing 12th in the world at the Sweet Adelines International competition in Denver, CO, which qualified them to compete at the international competition in Hawaii in the fall of 2013, where they placed 9th.

Visit their Facebook page here.

Congratulations, Speed of Sound!

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